2 Super Scooters for 1 low price

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2 Super Scooters for 1 low price Empty 2 Super Scooters for 1 low price

Post  #8 on Sun Mar 23, 2008 12:37 pm

Hey guys, both my benelli's are for sale, the red and black comes ready to go with all the following:

motor on the bike:
Malossi Pro Race Crank (titanium con-rod)
Metrakit ProRace 2 Block (70cc)
Malossi Eprom inner-rotor ignition
Malossi Over-Range 2007 clutches, belt, gearwheels, with gear wheel casing
Malossi Delta rear clutch, assortment of springer with full race wing-bell
Metrakit ProRace 3 Pipe
Malossi VL14 reedcage, manifold
OKO 28 Carb
brand new RS-12 Malossi racing shock
brand new Dunlop race tires
new cooling system, hoses and radiators

this bike is ready to go to the track and run, Cook rides it all the time if you haven't seen him out on it recently..he says it does 68mph on the back stretch and he will let you test ride it if you are seriously interested.

Now the green and black is another story. I dunno what the rule situation is, but this is my baby, and I'll only sell it to you if ya gonna run the hell out of it. The engine is built and I have an extra crank for it. Here's the story with it:

the motor on it
2 Fast 4 Race 80cc stroker kit
(1) block tweaked by MAD ED (uses a 70cc piston that you can buy at Paul's)
(2) stroker cranks ready to go
PVL inner rotor ignition
EVERYTHING else is Malossi as far as clutches and gear wheels go
Delta rear clutch, torque driver, gear wheel casing, brake disk and pads, kevlar x belts, springs
a ROOST custom exhaust (only 6 like this in the WORLD)
Mikuni 28mm flatslide carb with malossi VL14 reedcage
Micron 2 computer system (measures RPM, lap times, Coolant Temp, Exhaust Temp, Cylinder Temp, and can be put on another bike and measure Gear Position too. Also stores up to 100 laps in memory that can be downloaded onto a computer using a memory stick)
BRAND NEW sava racing tires
also new coolant system hoses and radiators

Also included, all my scooter supplies: pipes, gear wheels, clutch weights, belts, tires, tools, assortment of spare parts, another frame, wheels, and just about every plastic you need to build another bike. A couple extra sets of casings, as well as some other racing parts to build a motor, and thats about it.

the breakdown:

both bikes with all the parts $6000.00

the red and black bike with some parts $3000

the green and black with most of the parts $4500 (the computer is worth $700)

if you wanna see them, just call ed cook 441-537-2665

why I'm selling them so cheap? I'm in school in New Jersey and i need the money, I won't be home to race the 2008 season and I'd really like give someone else the opportunity to race. I don't think I'm asking alot, considering the amount of money thats been spent alone on parts. Like I said, if you wanna check something out, call Ed and ask him. Payment in installments possible, but you can't take the bike until you've paid atleast half the price up front.



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