Youth Training and Race Weekend - November

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Youth Training and Race Weekend - November Empty Youth Training and Race Weekend - November

Post  -cy- on Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:12 pm

Good Evening All,

I have been working on building a relationship with the CMRRA and the M1-GP Experience company to provide a motorcycle training experience as well as an international race experience for our youth riders within the BMRC. After several emails between all parties involved we have generated a package which I feel would benefit all involved.

The Proposed Dates for the school and race are:

November 7th, 8th, and 9th
Friday, November 7th: M1-GP Racing Program - Grange Motor Circuit
Saturday, November 8th: M1-GP Racing Program - Willow Springs Kart Track
Sunday, November 9th: CMRRA RACE DAY - morning practice, racing

The minimal age for attendance in this program is 7. There can only be a maximum of 12 riders as there is limited resources (bike rentals) available. All those interested please contact me as soon as possible at cwhitter @ northrock . bm.

Please provide your name and a contact number within your email. I will provide all parties whom are interested with full details of the youth program at the next BMRC general meeting and/or at the motor sports park before our next race event.

For information on the training school - M1 GrandPrix
For information on the racing organization - CMRRA

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