2010 BMRC Rules & Regulations

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2010 BMRC Rules & Regulations Empty 2010 BMRC Rules & Regulations

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:17 pm

This section will be here for members to post their concepts for the 2010 motorcycle racing season. Please keep in mind that we wish to keep all competition as fair and close as possible, minimizing risk and cost where possible. Nonetheless racing is an expensive sport and therefore the search for more speed and horse power will always be within the guidelines of the rules within consideration.

Looking forward to the concepts put forward and wishing all riders well in their 2009 championship campaigns.


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2010 BMRC Rules & Regulations Empty Scooter Class Rule Proposal

Post  #8 on Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:25 pm

I propose the scooter class rules be changed as to allow for engine displacement for 2 strokes be upped to 90cc's and also let people run 4 strokes with a limit of 200cc's. I believe it will make the class somewhat faster and also allow for more variation in machinery. The concept of a 185cc 4 stroke on a small lightweight frame is easily within reach if one wishes to go that route. Make the class more "run it as you brung it" and allow for introductory riders to get into a class without spending $10,000. Afterall, it is the last stock-modified class we have.


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2010 BMRC Rules & Regulations Empty Re: 2010 BMRC Rules & Regulations

Post  gsaltus on Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:29 am

With the classes getting thinner every year and with the spirit of competetion the club should look to combine some classes. The fans love to see bikes mixing it up and with the amount of bikes we have it would be good to mix them up. We don't have to do away with the classes but just run them together. I know this would be hard if we have someone running in two classes but, it would be worth the sacifrice in the long run.
Combination options
GP70 and GP80 - bikes basically have same power to wieght ratio. Can have split start for classes. Keep class structure the same just run them together.
GP80 and Scooter - Scooters are fast and GP80 can be just as fast with a rule change. 100cc 2-stroke and 220cc 4-stroke. Can run together or combine and make one class "stock modified".
Scooter and Formula- David vs Goliath. Cook showed how interest it can and would be. We could easily combine these two classes just give scooters 125cc 2 stroke and 280cc 4-stroke.
Superbike and Formula - The classes work good by their self but this is another option.

I know on race day if there's not enough bikes in a class they combine them with another class. My sugestion is do it every race day.

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2010 BMRC Rules & Regulations Empty Re: 2010 BMRC Rules & Regulations

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